Phyllis Horn-Liparini Senior Lecturer in Italian

Phyllis Horn-Liparini, senior lecturer in Italian, holds degrees in English and Theatre from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, and a Post Masters Studies in Italian & Comparative Literature from Northwestern. A Lecturer in Italian at Northwestern, Horn-Liparini teaches and coordinates Intermediate Italian and teaches the culture courses in English, "Italian Jewry and the Holocaust," "Italian Diaspora: Italian Immigrants and Immigrants to Italy."

A ten-year resident of Italy, Horn-Liparini created and directed the Northwestern Summer Program in Verona and has created, organized, and led tours to Italy devoted to various cultural and historical themes. Her interests are Italian Jewry, Globilization Issues, modern literature and cinema. Horn-Liparini also participated in the establishment of the Northwestern Summer Program in Arles, France. She is a Study Abroad advisor who recently led a study trip along the Po river that explored the powerful ruling dynastic families along Italy's major waterway from Turin to the Po Delta.