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Scott Hiley

Scott Hiley received his PhD in December 2007 from Yale University, where he was a Lopez Fellow in Medieval Studies, a Beinecke Summer Research Fellow, and Assistant Editor of Yale French Studies.  He arrives at Northwestern from Reed College, where he taught French literature from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century as well as French language.

Scott’s primary research and teaching interests are in medieval French literature, and more especially in discursive formations linking literature, law, and theology.  His current book project, tentatively entitled Reading between the Loans: Usury and the Economies of Literature in Medieval France, argues that vernacular French literature and legal and theological writings on usury in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries were part of a distinct discursive formation that elaborated new kinds of economic subjects and new strategies of reading and interpretation. For his next project, he plans to investigate the narrative structures of thirteenth-century prose romance through the lens of medieval texual culture.  This year, he will offer courses on allegory in Old French Grail legends and on the stakes of narrative practice in the French Middle Ages.

Scott has lectured and presented nationally and internationally on topics ranging from medieval literature and economic culutre to seventeenth-century medievalism, theories of orality and texutality, and Jules Verne’s technologies of exploration.  His hobbies include backpacking, canoeing, skiing, and reading things that seem to have nothing to do with the Middle Ages.

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