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Department of French and Italian
Daniela Pozzi Pavan Faculty

(847) 467-1448
Crowe 2-145
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Daniela Pozzi Pavan

Daniela Pozzi Pavan, continuing lecturer in Italian, graduated in Law at the University of Milan. She holds a Masters Degree in International Business Law and a Master Degree in French Civil Law.

At Northwestern, she is the coordinator of Intermediate Italian and teaches intermediate Italian courses. She designed an upper-division language and culture course in Business Italian that she teaches on a regular basis.

She promotes and organizes extra-curricular/cultural activities outside classes both on and off campus. In an effort to bring the language and culture in the classroom, she developed pedagogical material related to films and short movies.

She participated in the establishment of the Bocconi-Northwestern Exchange Program.

As a member of the Council on Language Instruction, she collaborated on the organization of the 2011 Language Symposium.

She taught advanced communication Italian classes with focus on Italian culture and cooking and on Italian contemporary films at De Paul University. She has also worked at Loyola University and Italidea.


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