Tiziana Terranova Fulbright Distinguished Lecturer Chair in Italian Studies

Tiziana Terranova is an Italian theorist and activist, whose work focuses on the effects of information technology on society through concepts such as digital labor and commons. Terranova has published Network Culture. Politics for the Information Age. She teaches digital media cultures and politics in  university contexts (the Department of Human and Social Sciences, University of Naples 'L'Orientale’) and is also a member of the free university network Euronomade and of the Robin Hood Minor Asset Management Cooperative. Terranova's work has argued that the free labor of users is the source of economic value in the digital economy. Free labor as a concept is rooted in Italian post-workerist and autonomist labor theories of value, such as VIrnos' re-reading of Marx's notion of the general intellect, Negri’s theory of the social factory, and Lazzarato's concept of immaterial labor.

Professor Tiziana Terranova will be teaching the following courses for the Department of French and Italian this spring 2017:

Italian 250-0-20: Topics in Italian Culture and Literature: Introduction to Marxism and Postcolonial studies 

Italian 350-0-20: Advanced Topics in Italian Culture and Literature: New media and Marxist Thought