Eliana Vãgãlãu

Eliana Vãgãlãu is a doctoral student in French and Italian. She received her B.A. in French Culture from Colorado College (2003) and her M.A. in Romance Languages and Literatures (French & Italian) from the University of Oregon (2005). As an undergraduate student, she spent a summer in Paris studying the Japanese artistic diaspora, a semester in Avignon at the Institute for American Universities and another in Florence with the ACM program. She has also taught on-site Italian language courses for two summers as an assistant for the Colorado College and University of Oregon programs in Sorrento and Perugia, Italy. In 2009, she spent five months as a visiting instructor of French and Italian at Colorado College. Her current interests include literary and cultural studies, with a focus on Francophone texts and Deleuzian theory. She has presented papers on Caribbean authors, as well as Salman Rushdie, Ousmane Sembène and Gilles Deleuze at various conferences. During the 2010-2011 academic year, she took part in Northwestern’s Paris Program in Critical Theory, and is currently working towards completing her dissertation on the problematic of nomadism and the Francophone Caribbean novel.