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Émilie Cappella

A native of France, Émilie holds a graduate degree in French Literature and in Semiotics from the Université Paris Sorbonne (Paris IV). Her masters thesis focused on the social and artistic meanings of sex in Calaferte’s censored novel Septentrion. She has also written on the processes of Semiosis in postmodern literature and is eager to deepen her knowledge on the subject. After earning her graduate degree, she worked for the publishing company Magellan & Cie where she handled a French travel literature series from the colonial period and wrote about 60 prefaces. She also published several illustrated books about Champlain, Louise Michel, Ingres, Cézanne and Eugène Carrière. Émilie looks forward to exploring the fields of Francophone anticolonialism, feminism, gender studies and critical theory. She plans to research the relationship between literary forms and the politics of literature in post-colonial Francophone works.