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Department of French and Italian
Kelsey Craven Graduate Student

Kelsey Craven

Kelsey received a B.A. with High Honors in French from U.C. Berkeley in 2005. Her research interests include: contemporary French literature and visual art, contemporary American literature and visual art, psychoanalysis, post structuralism, Continental philosophy, and sexuality studies.  The working title of her dissertation is: "Cruel to be Kind: The Body as Site of Political Agency in 20th century French and American Literature and Art," and will consider the way in which the fetishization of atrocity and trauma, its site-specific localization as always "other" and "over there," works to encourage the repetition of the atrocities of which it claims it cannot conceive. Her current preoccupations are thus: the distinctions between violence, law, and power; knowledge’s compensatory relation to pain and the conditions of responsiveness; materiality, the “human,” survival, self-alterity, and khora.  She will be spending the 2010-2011 academic year participating in the Paris Program in Critical Theory.