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Department of French and Italian

Intensive Italian

Fulfill the language requirement a fun and fast way

  • Cover the two-year Weinberg language requirement in one year
  • Small class, fun atmosphere, geared for fast mastery
  • Gateway to study abroad in Bologna, Padua, Florence and more
  • 2-credit course authorized for 4th/5th credits
  • Intensive is the best way to truly learn a language

Intensive Italian Video: Students share their views

Details about Intensive Italian

Intensive Italian (133/134) is a two-credit double course that covers the two-year Weinberg language requirement in one academic year. Enrollment is limited. Class meets MTWF, 12-1:50 p.m. through the entire year. Students with strong motivation are permitted to take the Intensive course as a 4/5 credit.

Intensive Italian students have:

  • produced films in Italy
  • established international businesses
  • written for Italian media
  • enrolled in U.S. graduate programs and taught English in Italy

Most Intensive Italian students are double majors who go on to study in Italy in a Northwestern University-affiliated program for a semester, full year, or summer. One recent Intensive Italian student was awarded a Fulbright after graduation.

The course is lively and fast-paced but welcoming and encouraging, and calls for individual and small-group multimedia projects as well as regular homework. Want to know more about Intensive Italian and how it fulfills the language requirement? Contact Thomas Simpson. And take a look at our CTECs!